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6 Steps To Save Money Now!

There is always a good time to save money. It doesn’t have to be at the beginning of each month or year to do but more importantly, to actually do it. If you are looking for a way to help you save money, below are a few ideas to help you to do so. Some may seem a bit more intense than others but I promise, once you get started, you’ll see how easy it is to do it.

BUDGET – One of the biggest issues many couples face when trying to save money is budgeting. Thankfully we live in a world where there are hundreds of apps to help you budget your money in a safe and easy way ( if math isn’t your thing). I’ve used an app called Minted which calculates what I usually spend a month. But my go-to apps have been the Fudget App. You can put in items such as groceries, bills, tuition, and various expenses. It will then calculate what you have in your bank account, what you can spend money on, and what you shouldn’t spend money on. It also keeps you motivated by what you’ve been putting in the bank each month as well. I also use Qapital. You attach your bank account and you set savings goals and how much you want to have taken out of your account each month. It will also pause any savings goals you have if your bank account drops below a certain amount so that it can ensure you’re saving and not having to worry about overdrafts and fees.

SAVE WHAT YOU CAN – While some people may tell you to put a certain amount of money aside each month, my biggest worry is that sometimes you’ll forget to do it. Instead of putting a certain amount aside, put what you can aside. If some months you can put $20 aside and only $5 the next, that’s ok! Despite what little you think you are putting away, it adds up within 6 months or a year to help pay a large bill you need to get rid of or help out if an emergency situation comes up.

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HIRE PROFESSIONALS – Believe me, not all DIY projects around your house are going to help you save. In fact, in some cases, it may end up costing you more because of the damage you did. When it comes to fixing your deck, this is when a professional needs to come in and exam what should get done, the proper materials to use, and give you an effective cost and timeline on when and how much it will be. If you live in Georgia, one trustworthy company called Brazilain Wood Depot is your one-stop shop for all decking questions. They have a variety of hardwood to pick for your outdoor decking wood including ipe, cedar, and redwood. You can’t go wrong with picking out something sturdy, a long lifespan, and worth the money to do it right the first time.

MAKE LARGER MEALS – If you finding you don’t have time to cook your favorite meals, just create two large meals to make during the week and use other days in between as leftovers. Not only does this help you save money but it also can help your anxiety on what to cook. Personally, we love making breakfast so big pancakes, waffles, or even casseroles will do the trick. Sometimes I’ll make a double casserole dish and freeze the other that way if there is a night that I don’t want to cook, I can pull out one of the freezer meals I already prepared and we are ready to go.

THRIFT SHOP – This can go for either item you want to use to decorate your home or even shopping for you, your kids, or your spouse. While thrift shopping might not be for everyone, a few tips on shopping would be to not buy items that you do not need, make sure that the quality of the items is nice and not falling apart, and think of if you are going to use this item every day then you might want to purchase it now so you can actually rely on it. Make a game out of it too! You and your friends could go shopping for one another and only have $20 to spend. It could be a great way to be creative too.

SPEND TIME AT HOME – Many of us are still not able to go out as often as we like and that’s ok. Spending time at home helps you to not be so enticed by so many things around you. Invite some friends over for dinner and have someone bring an appetizer and a dessert. You can provide the main course and it’s a great way to share new foods and conversation without having to leave your four walls.

Trying to live a more financially responsible life does not mean you need to be miserable in the process. There are really some great and exciting ways to save that doesn’t take much effort for you to do so. If you start saving now, you’ll also be able to have a small cushion if an emergency takes place, planning for your retirement or saving up for a big purchase like a home. IN the end, you’ll find yourself a lot less stressed and enjoying life as we can.

What steps have you taken to start saving? Have you reached your first goal? Let me know in the comments below.

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