Models, Boobies and Breastfeeding


So there has been a lot of controversy with breastfeeding lately. In the past few years or so there was controversy with some retail stores that have told people they couldn’t do it in the store. Formula companies implied that formula was a better route. (Which seriously? What do you think healthy babies were drinking before formula? But ok.) It’s like breastfeeding is being made out to be a shameful and obscene thing to do. Almost like half naked women walking into children stores or some pervert exposing themselves in public. Really guys? We’re obscene now because we want to nourish and feed our child the natural way? Especially with models posting posed pics of themselves breastfeeding on social media.


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Giselle I commend. She’s not naked, her breasts aren’t exposed. She’s working and she’s lucky enough to be able to work and breastfeed instead of pump and how many of us moms would love to be able to empty our engorged breasts the natural way rather than with a pump? She’s behind the scenes. I’m sure someone asked if they could take her picture and without a second thought she said yes. Because no one thought it was a horrible, indecent thing to be doing. Miranda is naturally feeding her baby in bed. Normal stuff.

Now I have breastfed both my children and I plan to give the breast to the new baby coming. My daughter was my first and she was really hard. I had a really hard time with the breast with her because she was bottle fed when born due to being premature and in the hospital and being in the NICU. (I partly feel the premature status was ignorance on the nurse and doctor being impatient but whatever) I was young, scared and inexperience and had people pushing me to just give her the bottle and not even try breastfeeding. So that was short lived. I didn’t have as many resources and other moms on how great breastfeeding really was. With my son I was able to successfully exclusively breastfeed and then still pump for awhile when he started teething for almost a year. This baby I plan on exclusively breastfeeding for that long at least or longer if possible.

Yay for the boobies :0)

Now I breastfeed in public. No I don’t whip my boob out for everyone to see or stand with my shades on fondling myself with milk spraying everywhere (I produce A LOT of milk lol) and just start feeding. I get myself and baby situated and comfortable put my nursing cover on and let baby go to town. I mean it’s common courtesy. No need for any thing outrageous if I don’t have my blanket then I use a burp cloth or just make sure baby’s on the boob and my shirt is down enough to cover. I mean kids are in public also and there’s no need to force parents to have certain talks with their kids early lol.

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So what I have a problem with as far as public breastfeeding is that people that don’t understand breastfeeding, don’t have children, don’t care, like to complain or whatever find it even more disturbing when they feel girls are making it out to be a stunt for internet popularity or Instagram likes.

Really? Um a little to, uh natural for me.

Posing while breastfeeding unless in a magazine or otherwise just feels like to much. Whether the person meant it to come off that way or not there’s just something about a mother posing for a picture standing in a dress with shades on and holding baby just in front of the boob.


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Because whether it’s posed or behind the scenes mom has to have someone take the pic. So did you rush to get semi comfy for your stand up and pose breastfeeding moment? Because I think breastfeeding would come across better to unknowing people and those not educated on breastfeeding if you were idk sitting down and focusing on baby. Because that’s part of the purpose of breastfeeding right? Health benefits and bonding with baby. Not look at how beautiful I look while holding my child and breastfeeding.

I mean this is serious business. We’re trying to get people to be ok and not make a fuss about public breastfeeding but some people just make others points valid. But how can you look at this and think it’s obscene?


I just felt like sharing my opinion (which I am entitled to) and venting a bit on the breastfeeding fiasco that has been going on lately. We as a proud breastfeeding mothers community need to take a stand with helping end breastfeeding shaming. But please ladies keep the posed, one foot out the door, shades on, standing photos to yourself. Because unless you are in your kitchen or doing something and you happen to have been breastfeeding please stop taking those posed pics. Breastfeeding is a bonding experience. Not a publicity stunt.

Always Remember You’re Beautiful!



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