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How Beauty Bloggers Pamper Themselves (And How You Can Too)

Have you ever wondered how beauty bloggers manage to look so good all the time. Yes – some of it’s natural. But a lot of it has to do with the many ways they pamper themselves. Unlike the ordinary public, they go the extra mile to treat their bodies and minds with care, producing some extraordinary results in the process.

Luxurious Bathing

Bathing is at the heart of pampering. But why?

Well, firstly, soaking in water changes how we feel. Having a warm bath literally seems to eliminate any stored tension in our bodies. You can also feel it being flushed out by the warm water and the bubbles.

But more than that, coming into contact with warm or cold water actually changes how the cells in our bodies function. It creates a small amount of stress at the cellular level which, in turn, encourages them to renew themselves.

In the past, you might have noticed that you look better after taking a bath or a shower. This is the reason. Mildly stressful experiences for your skin cells encourages them to come back fighting – something that makes them healthier.

Long Massages

Long massages are another big secret of beauty bloggers. They’re obsessed with them because they know that they have profoundly beneficial effects on the body. A proper massage can untie muscle knots and change a person’s internal chemistry for the better.

Going to places like Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa is, therefore, critical. Professionals tend to be better able to push all the right buttons, giving you a perfect massage that you will love.

Delicious Healthy Food

You’ll often notice that beauty bloggers spend an enormous amount of time in the kitchen preparing healthy meals for themselves. But, at the same time, they never look boring. Everything that they prepare is bright and beautiful, just as nature intended.

It turns out that these foods are actually part of beauty bloggers’ secrets. When you eat the right things, the results show up in your face and body. It is much easier to be beautiful when you eat berries, nuts and papaya for breakfast than it is bacon and sausages.

Delicious healthy food doesn’t have to be bland. In fact, when you prepare it, just looking at it makes you feel uplifted. Eating it is even better.

Regular Facials

Beauty bloggers are obsessed with facials. They want to make sure that their skin is in the best condition possible all the time, and they don’t allow anything to get in their way.

But what kind of facials are they using?

Steam facials are popular at the moment. During these, you steam your skin for up to ten minutes which helps to cleanse pores. Just heat some warm water over a stove and then allow it to evaporate over your face. You can also buy special facial steamers that are less irritating than using the stove top.

Beauty bloggers are also keen on chemical treatments for their skin. Many will douse their faces with acid to create a mild peel. There are many over-the-counter facial serums and peels that you can use to get the effect that you want. After a peel, your skin looks smoother, firmer and more beautiful.

You can also try using a sheet mask. These are great because they help to infuse your skin with nutrients while lifting dirt out of pores.

Dressing Up

Dressing up not only looks great, but it also changes fundamentally how you feel. When you look your best, you also feel your best.

Dressing the part doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many inexpensive options out there on today’s market.

You can also dress up for a pampering day too. So, for instance, instead of pampering yourself in the PJs, wear a luxurious, freshly-washed robe instead. Doing this will make you feel like you’re going for a real spa day.

Quit Your Bad Habits

Beauty bloggers often quit their bad habits to become more successful. Clearly, it is almost impossible to become a beauty blogger if you are damaging your body with smoking or other harmful activities. It’s also difficult if you don’t give your body time to heal. Being a workaholic or spending every hour of the day in front of the TV is not a good idea.

Pampering yourself often involves taking a break from the destructive aspects of your life. That’s why so many people go on retreats. They want to get away from their daily routine and try something new and uplifting. More often than not, it shows up in the way that they look.

How do you pamper yourself? Are there bad habits you’re working to fix?

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