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5 Items Every Pregnant Mom Needs

Hi Babes! I wanted to put together this post for the top 5 things I loved using while pregnant and some things that I will be purchasing again for this pregnancy. These things definitely made my pregnancies just a little easier and you won’t regret buying them.

1. Pregnancy Pillow

I used my boppy pillow throughout my pregnancy and loved it. Sleeping and even sitting was much more comfortable when using it. I even used it postpregnancy. My back and stomach were the most uncomfortable when trying to sleep or get comfortable anywhere. My pillow helped me get and stay comfortable. Definitely, something you should invest in for sure.

2. Comfortable Quick Outfits

You will see throughout my blog that I am obsessed with dresses. But when I’m pregnant its definitely a must to have all the dresses on deck. Maxi, anything flowy, midi dresses. All of them are so helpful in making getting dressed and staying comfortable easier to do. I can’t stress enough how much I hate the feeling of anything tight around my waste when I’m pregnant. If the fabric isn’t soft or comfy I don’t want it. So I added some of my favorite dress styles to wear while pregnant and even post pregnancy.

3. Belly Band

Now once you start getting a little bigger and that little nugget starts to get heavy in the belly a belly band was such a relief for me. I think I started wearing one in the middle of my second trimester just because every pregnancy I get bigger a little faster than the last. But it really helps with back pain and just feeling like the whole front of your body is going to fall off. At least that’s what it did for me, lol. The belly band I had was so easy to put on and take off and hid under my clothes fine. You will definitely notice the difference once you start wearing one for yourself.

4. Prenatal Vitamins

As far as prenatal vitamins it’s important to take them and doesn’t really matter which ones you get because they all help reach the same goal for a healthier pregnancy but with prenatal sometimes comes a horrible taste or a huge pill to swallow. Now if you’re not really into swallowing pills then the prenatals that I use are the ones you’ll love. Olly Prenatals are gummies and taste so delicious. You just chew 2 a day and that’s it. They’re affordable and perfect for those who have morning sickness and the thought of a pill touching the back of their throats makes them want to vomit even more than their morning sickness already does, lol.

5. Comfortable Shoes

Lastly, since you will be walking throughout your pregnancy for whatever you have to do. Shopping, taking care of kids, working, vacay, etc. you’ll be on your feet often unless advised against by your doctor or you’re placed on bed rest. So comfy shoes are a must. I’m not one for wearing heels a lot anymore even though I used to wear them like every day. So flat shoes work best: sneakers, sandals, slides, and flats. I added some of my favorite shoes to wear during pregnancy that was so comfortable and helped me get through pregnancy without too much stress on my feet.

Well, that’s it for this post. I hope these top 5 pregnancy items I can’t live without help make your pregnancy go a lot smoother as well.

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