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Taking A More Sustainable Approach To Fashion

Everyone can play their part to be greener. From cutting down on plastic waste to making changes to how you travel, there are things you can do every day to help the environment.

But if you’re looking for ways you can make further changes, you need to look at your wardrobe. By making some changes to your buying habits, you could make a big difference to the planet and maybe make a difference to your style too.

Want to take a more sustainable approach to fashion? Here’s how.

Make better buying choices

Taking a different approach to buying clothes can help you cut down on waste. Fast fashion has a huge environmental impact, but there are ways you can make a difference. Buying less is a start, and if you focus on buying high-quality items that last through the years, you’ll develop a wardrobe that is timeless and kinder to the planet.

Some of the ways you can be smarter with your fashion buys include:

-Avoid buying into trends that have a shelf-life.
-Choose high-quality fabrics such as cotton, silk and wool over polyester and other synthetics.
-Look out for brands that use recycled materials to make their clothing.
-Spend time caring for your clothes and repairing them or tailoring them to help them last longer.

Support sustainable designers and brands

It’s not just individuals who are making an effort to be more sustainable. There are a lot of brands and designers who are working to change their practices to make them more eco-friendly and ethical too.

From natural sustainable jewelry makers to conscious clothing brands, you can find a wide range of sustainable designers who are breaking new ground with what they do. Widen your shopping horizons and discover some new favorite brands.

Slim down your closet

A capsule wardrobe has a lot of benefits. With fewer clothes in your closet, it’s easier to see what you have, which can make outfit choices much simpler. It also helps you focus on finding your personal style, with signature looks that you feel comfortable and confident in. A ‘one in, one out’ rule can help you keep your closet organized, and stop you from buying too many clothes that are only worn a handful of times. It takes some discipline, but you’ll soon learn the value of having a more curated wardrobe.

Invest in some classic pieces

By buying fewer clothes, you’ll have more money to invest in some classic pieces. Investing in your accessories and in timeless items like outerwear and footwear, you’ll have a wardrobe full of pieces that you love. Buying quality over quantity will make a big difference to your look, ensuring your style always shines through.

Making some small changes to your buying habits is all it takes to make a difference. With a more sustainable approach to fashion, you’ll not only elevate your personal style but help the environment too.

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