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My Top 4 Sunglasses for Spring 2014


I’m totally obsessed with glasses. Which is crazy because when I was younger and needed to actually wear them I didn’t for fear of getting picked on, lol. Now I can’t get enough and my collection is growing. I have been loving these particular styles lately. Aviators have been a favorite of mine for years though. But here they are my top 5 favorite so far, you can get them from Retrocitysunglasses and Forever 21.

photo 4

photo 3
I’m so obsessed with these Big Drop Sunglasses from www.retrocitysunglasses.com I’m sure I’ll be going back for more lol.

photo 5
Aviators are my absolute fave and I love them on most face shapes also. I really love these for the springy mirrored effect they have. These are also from Retrocitysunglasses and they have a red sunset mirror effect pair that I have my eyes on as well, lol.

photo 1

photo 2

These last 2 pairs are from Forever 21. I also have a floral pair that are the same frame shape as these 2 but I broke them (cry face emoji). I didn’t think I would like the shape of these glasses on my face but I actually like them a lot. They have so many prints and colors to choose from and they are so affordable every time I go in there I have to stock up lol.


So there is my top 4 choices for my favorite sunglasses of Spring 2014. Check these places out for great choices and affordable glasses. I don’t like wasting my money on expensive glasses for the simple fact they get lost, broken, etc so I love these options that I can interchange so easily.  I hope you loves have an awesome Monday and I will be back on Wednesday with a DIY, YAY!!! Lol


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