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3 Ways to Judge the Quality of Diamond Jewelry

In the world of precious stones, the diamond is one of the topmost gems valued by many. It’s listed as the most patronized jewelry for all the right reasons, primarily for engagements. As a timeless accessory, it’s therefore not surprising to know that diamonds’ global market value stood at 78 billion dollars in 2019 alone. No wonder the saying, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ has grown so popular. So if you need to buy an extra special gift for a loved one, here’s how to make sure that the diamond jewellery you select is truly top notch.

Color Quality

This quality is a crucial component for jewelry, including diamonds. According to precious stone evaluation experts, the perfect hue for diamonds is colorless. Therefore, any subtle shade can make a significant impact on its quality evaluation. That explains why diamond jewelry with defective tints tends to be priced lower than colorless ones. However, there are exceptions when the diamond has a fancy tone, such as the rare red, pink, or canary yellow.

With a 23 color grading scale, one can evaluate a diamond’s quality. The categorization ranges from D to Z, and if you’re after a colorless diamond, these subtle distinctions are invisible to the untrained eye. However, there are a few steps and tricks to detect these.

First of all, if it’s a diamond ring you’re inspecting, it helps to view it under clear light. Be mindful of the immediate environment in which you check the jewelry. Ensure there’s no tinted background or light that can influence your overall vision of the diamond piece. For detailed information on this, check out diamondexpert.com/james-allen-review/.


A flawless diamond should be clear. Clarity quality here means it must have no imperfections on the surface. More so, it should be devoid of inclusions and microscopic chips. For the untrained eye, a chip on a diamond piece is almost impossible to spot. However, you can ask the jeweler for a monocular to assess it yourself. A monocular is a handheld device used to magnify gemstones for inspection. Better yet, you’ll find it convenient to own one.

There’s a general belief that diamonds with increased clarity are unique and matchless. This property also increases the overall value of the diamond. Did you know that diamonds with decreased clarity tend to have a cloudy appearance? That’s because it causes an inability to disperse light. Additionally, they’re more prone to chipping around the edges and progression of other imperfections.

The Cut Quality

This comes from a purely aesthetic perspective. A well-cut diamond can disperse light from all its angles. However, this isn’t the same for round diamonds because they have no angles but still sparkle all the same. The cut is critical to the overall design, light dispersion, and appeal of the diamond for other shapes. Therefore, a poorly cut diamond fails to have that signature sparkle and allure.

Do you know how to assess a diamond’s ‘fire’ quality? This refers to the array of colors a diamond exhibits when it deflects light due to the prismatic effect.

It’s not surprising that diamonds are one of the most expensive precious stones in the world. From finding it through to the intensive processes it has to go through before landing in glass displays, all these factors influence its value. Therefore, the next time you go diamond shopping, be guided by these points.

I rarely buy diamond jewelry but this is a great guide for judging the quality of the next beautiful piece you add to your collection.

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