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Gifts To Buy For Someone Who Loves To Travel

Travel is something that sadly, not a lot of us are able to do right now. The world has changed drastically in the last year and we have reached a new normal where home is where the heart is.

However, for those who love to travel but can’t right now – you can still buy gifts that are special and feel right for them. Today we want to take a look at some of the gifts you can buy someone who loves to travel. Even though we can’t go away right now, you can still bring a taste of travel to the lives of the ones you love.

A destination themed dinner party

If you live with someone who loves to travel – a great gift idea would be a themed dinner party. Choose a destination from around the world and start planning the perfect dinner party that brings the food and atmosphere of this place to your own home. For example, a Greek inspired dinner party could be decorated with blue and white table clothes and flowers, and you can serve Greek mezze for starters and gyros for mains. There are lots of brilliant ways to decorate your home to fit with a fun theme and make your loved one feel like they are away from the real world for just a little while.

A fun T-shirt

A simple gift for someone who loves to travel could be a t-shirt with a photo of their favourite place, or even a funny t-shirt with a joke or a pun. There are lots of options here to try and this is an inexpensive gift to give that will likely be very well received.

A location themed toy

For a child who loves to travel or for someone who is a child at heart; a great idea would be a toy or a puzzle based on a destination such as Dallas. A Lego set, jigsaw puzzle, or board game based on a place is a fun gift and will be something your child or family member can play with one evening to keep them occupied for a few hours.

Some amazing artwork

Artwork is a great way to immerse yourself in a whole new world – and a great painting of a foreign place is a beautiful gift for a loved one. Bring a small piece of the world into your living room and allow yourself to be transported away for a little while.

A new backpack

One of the things you can buy for someone who loves to travel is a brand new backpack to use on their next trip. A lot of people who enjoy travel will often take a backpack with them on day trips when exploring new places, and this will be a practical gift they can use once they go away. If your family member or friend loves to hike you can also consider a map and a compass to one of their favourite places to allow them to go off and explore.

Here are some great travel episodes from the podcast as well. They might help you plan a special trip or give you a gift idea for your travel lover.

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Are you planning any trips in the near future? I know with Covid-19 still lingering many aren’t planning trips until almost 2022 but these are some great options for your favorite traveller as they wait to head back out into the travel world.

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