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Things To Teach Your Children With Great Benefits

There is so much our children need to learn. There’s a whole world out there of cultures, languages and different activities to keep them busy. They do learn important things at school but as parents of your children, there are other things that you can teach them to help better them, educate them and make them into caring, thoughtful and clever human beings. That is your job after all to help them be the best person that they can be. There are certain things that you could teach them which have added benefits that they can use for their life and here are some great options for you to try.

In most areas, there are scouts or girl guide groups. These are very beneficial for your children to do. In these groups, they earn badges and learn so much about real life and the outdoors as well as handy lessons that normal schools don’t teach. It also gives them a sense of belonging and a group of people that they can socialise and learn from outside of their normal school peers. It also gives them a sense of accomplishment when they earn badges and teaches them life lessons. For example, if they didn’t win one or earn one then they learn they need to try harder for next time and rather than giving up they just need to try and try again.

Another thing that children kind of learn in school but not to the extent they need to is cooking. Now, this doesn’t have to be something that they learn when they’re teenagers. When they are kids they can get involved with making cakes or desserts and even simple dishes. You sometimes find children that get to their late teenage years and have no clue how to cook or feed themselves. By teaching this early on and giving them basic food and healthy eating lessons they can be one step ahead and have that independence. My son actually loves to cook and wants to take a cooking class to see what it’s like in the kitchen for real, lol.

Swimming is a very beneficial skill to know. It is something you can start very early on even with babies. And learning to swim is something you will always need. It can save you if you find yourself in a tricky situation when you’re playing in the ocean and maybe get out a bit too far. It also helps build confidence and can spark a passion for the oceans and the wildlife that live inside the sea. So having them take swim lessons is a great thing to do for them.

Another extracurricular that you can enlist your children into is some form of self-defence. You don’t want to teach them to go round and hurt people but you want them to be able to protect themselves if they ever find themselves in the situation where they need to. There are lots of classes that teach discipline, good form and how to protect themselves if they find themselves in an unfortunate situation and can also give you the peace of mind that they’re able to look after themselves.

I’m actually signing 2 of my kiddos up for Karate classes because it’s a great way to learn self defense and self discipline at the same time. Also a great exercise and outlet for restless energy.

What are some other beneficial things I may have missed? Share them in the comments so we can help ourselves and our children learn and grow together.

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