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How to Increase the Value of Your Home and Sell It Faster

If you want to prepare your home for potential buyers, this is referred to as staging. This will enable you in guaranteeing that your property sells quickly, and it may even add thousands to the total value. If you want to get the most out of your home, you must be diligent in your improvements and take into account the unique aspects of your home.

Get rid of clutter but not your personality
The first thing you should do is try to get rid of everything that has accumulated in your garage. Put it in storage or consider giving it to a friend. People should be able to see what the property will look like if they were to live there. This can be difficult if you have your belongings strewn about, but if you want to try and change this, you’ll be relieved to know that it’s very simple to do. This is particularly true if you have a storage unit. If you want to take things a step further, try to get rid of any bulky furniture and replace it with smaller items.

Give your walls a lick of paint
A fresh coat of paint on your walls can make all the difference. It can make your home appear much larger and lighter. If you have bright purple walls or even lime green walls, this will not be beneficial to your buyers. They may feel compelled to redecorate as soon as they move in, which may result in a lower offer. If you have a painted front door, now is the time to give it a fresh coat of paint. If you can do this, you can easily make your home appear to be worth more.

Assess the condition of your windows
Windows play a big factor for potential buyers because if the property they’re interested in doesn’t have double glazing windows they may end up putting in a lower offer. If your windows are old and battered, or you’ve never upgraded to double glazing, you may want to consider residential window replacement to help add value to your property as well as improve the overall aesthetics of your home.

Do those odd jobs
Sure, you might not think that the gaps in the walls or the broken doorknobs are a cause for concern, but they are. Your buyer does not want to deal with cracked tiles, damaged carpets, or other issues. You should also try to clean everything until it sparkles. Remove limescale, wax your wooden floors, and even get rid of odours. This will make your home appear much more appealing, and viewers will be able to imagine themselves living there.

Tidy your garden
Clean up the garden as much as you can. This may require trimming the bushes, scrubbing the patio, and even removing dirt from any furniture. Sure, this may not add much value to your home, but it will make it far more likely to sell, and this is something you should focus on.

Invest in your kitchen
The kitchen is possibly the most valuable room in your house. It is actually worth more per square foot than any other room, and it can make or break your sale if your buyer is unsure about your property. If you want to make a change, you should consider painting your kitchen cabinets. This is much less expensive than installing new cabinetry and is just as effective. Updating your kitchen countertops can be costly, but it can also add significant value to your home.

Let in as much light as possible
The lighter and airier your home feels, the better. Consider hanging some wall mirrors to make your home feel more spacious and to give you the opportunity to make a big difference. If you want to make a big statement in a small room or a hallway, try putting up a mirror. Cleaning the windows on the inside and outside will also make a significant difference. If you have any broken light bulbs, now is the time to replace them because it will make your entire space feel lighter and brighter.

Show off your open fire
Consider lighting a fire if you have an open fire or if it is a chilly day. You could also try to burn some pinecones. When you do, you will soon discover that you can get that beautiful smell while also making your home look warm and inviting. If you don’t have an open fire, make sure your fireplace is clean and well-maintained.

Make your home look lived in
Check that your windows are properly dressed and that you have blinds or curtains up. Naked windows can make a room feel impersonal and run-down. If you don’t have any blinds, try installing some inexpensive curtains instead. Plants and flowers will also add colour to your space and make it appear more inviting. Having a fruit bowl can also work wonders, so consider getting one of these as well.

Maintain your boiler
People love hearing that you’ve just had a new pump or boiler installed, so make it a point to do so. If you do, you will soon discover that your home is better for it, and you will also be able to achieve excellent results. Submersible pumps are inexpensive and well worth the investment.

Make your home smell inviting
Buyers are likely to be turned off by strong odours. You must avoid covering them up and, if at all possible, eliminate the source of the odour. Clear out your drains and garbage cans, and make sure to air out your kitchen to get rid of any leftover cooking odours. It is also essential to get rid of cigarette-smoked furniture. If you’re a smoker, try scattering vinegar bowls around the house. When you open the window, the vinegar smell will go away, along with a lot of the stale cigarette smoke.

These tips will help you sell your home faster and for much more than you bargained for!

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