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Extreme Couponing and My biggest Fear


So I watch the show extreme couponers. I also see the huge stashes these people have and I think, “Good Lord I don’t think I need 28 boxes of pasta noodles and 48 tubes of toothpaste, but she got it all for only 48 cents so I guess it’s worth it right? Lol.

Well after my extreme fear of becoming a hoarder or worse getting to the register and trying to use my coupons and they not work or my calculations are off by crazy amounts so I have a cart full of that toothpaste and those noodle boxes with a $200 total to pay, I decided to see how some other moms were saving big bucks on the items that they needed and some even donating or bartering items they didn’t need for things that they wanted.

As a makeup artist and extreme enthusiast of the beauty community in general I have since gained a lot of beauty products. Whether it be makeup, hair accessories and tools, etc. With that came a heafty price tag and I eventually had to slow down. I’m not some popular guru getting things sent to me for free all the time so I can’t just run out spending hundreds a month on things that half of I still have yet to even use or try.

Well I have seen some makeup lovers like myself getting all the makeup and hair accessories, etc for extremely cheap and sometimes free with the help of couponing. So there struck my interest in actually trying couponing since I could use it toward something I loved. Making both myself and my husband and our wallets happy (mainly his, lol). Especially now since we are trying to save to buy a house in the next 2 years. Money is important and with the economy in the toilet Lord knows we need to be saving. So here I am starting on my couponing journey.


As you can see I got right down to it. Clipping and sorting away for 3 hours. Only to end up going to the store and using not 1 of my coupons because none of them were either what I needed or what the store I was in would use. So I got home and realized there is so much more to the art of couponing. So I need to continue my research. It’s clearly not something you can just jump right into. But I will continue to update on my couponing progress and what I’ve bought and saved. It’s clearly harder than I thought lol.

Until next time,

Always Remember You’re Beautiful!