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14 Week Bumpdate: Second Trimester

Today, I am 14 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Despite a little bump in the road, we’re back on track and ready to move forward. I can’t believe I’m in the Second Trimester already. I feel like it goes by so fast while I’m still small. I’m sure once I can no longer see my feet and everything that falls on the floor stays there unless someone else picks it up, then it will start to creep by, lol. I feel like I’m a lot more vocal and like to document this pregnancy a lot more, mainly because I didn’t do this with my first 2 and I feel like with Lilli it wasn’t as consistent. But I love reading and watching bumpdates and vlogs on pregnancy and seeing other moms navigate through motherhood pre, during and post pregnancy. So I figured I would document this pregnancy as much as I can.

Right now baby girl is the size of a beet or a kiwi. She is moving around and I can feel her now. At first, it was just light flutters and then it got a little more predictable. I am getting a sense of her time clock and she likes to pay all day and take a nap and then play all night too, lol. I already started my registries because since this is baby number 4, I plan on getting things I know I will be using and need this time. I don’t want to get too many things I’m not sure of this time just because it really ends up being a waste of money to me. I’ve picked out the furniture for the girls’ room since Lilliana will be sharing this time. We haven’t moved yet but when we do I know exactly how I’m setting everything up, I just don’t want to order a bunch of furniture and have more things to move, ya know? So here goes this weeks bumpdate:

I am 14 weeks and 5 days today

Gender: Girl

Baby size: a beet or a kiwi

Time Left?: 177 Days to go!

Sleep: Currently better now that I’ve purchased a pregnancy pillow. I was going to hold off for a little longer but since this is baby #4 I’m bigger sooner and just needed it now. I’ve been sleeping much better since getting one.

Stretch marks? I believe I have already gotten my telltale stretch mark I get for each child, lol. The belly butter I used a few years before isn’t for sale anymore but I’m trying this brand and it has great reviews.

Symptoms and Appetite: Lower back pain sometimes and round ligament pain have been my new pleasure since rolling into the second trimester. I get nausea ever so slightly on very rare occasion now but it just goes away pretty quickly. I’m hot and cold every 17 seconds so that’s fun. My cravings and appetite are still in full effect, lol. My Belly button is still an innie as of now and I’m not too swollen to wear my wedding rings yet.

Doctor: I had an unexpected doctor appointment 2 weeks ago because there were abnormal cells found. I had a colposcopy done but it turned out to be ok for now and nothing that seems to be alarming to my doctor right now. No further testing or anything will need to be done until after I deliver to make sure the abnormal cells shed themselves. I have an appt today as well for a routine checkup and then we can schedule our anatomy ultrasound and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see our little princess on the screen because I haven’t seen her little profile since I was 6 weeks pregnant.

I’m really trying to enjoy the time I have right now with not being so big and still being able to see my feet, lol. I know once those little pleasures are gone I’ll miss them so I’m just trying to enjoy while I can.

Always Remember You’re Beautiful!