Fixie Girl


I love my fixie. Since I’ve gotten it I ride it everyday. So when I found the company Gear Fixie it was a given that I would buy a shirt lol. They are affordable and comfortable shirts.


This Fixie shoot was fun. Just a little mini shoot to show off the new shirt and my bike with the new rim color on it.


My bike was a gift and was built by Tour Vintage. I love it. It’s tailored for me and my comfort zone. I can feel myself building strength when I ride it. I love the colors, the design, just everything about it. I highly suggest buying one of your own. They are amazing.


Shirt | Shorts Ross | Socks Walmart | Sneakers Adidas | Fixie Tour Vintage

I hope you loves are having a beautiful week. I have a lot more things coming in the near future for the blog that I am really excited about.

Always Remember You’re Beautiful!




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